Today's Problem, Tomorrow's Possibility

...but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present outcome...
Genesis 50:20

Is it possible that the problems you may find yourself in today could actually be the doorway of possibilities tomorrow? Think about Joseph for a moment, sold into slavery by his brothers. He finds himself put in prison from a false accusation to being suddenly launched into a governmental position in Egypt. The same brothers who sold him off are the ones now coming to him for help in a time of need. Out of a heart of forgiveness Joseph declares this powerful statement, “brothers, you meant evil, but God meant good in order to bring about this present outcome.” Joseph was stating, “brothers, this is what it had to take in order to create the opportunity for this end result.” The dreams, goals & visions we carry for our lives are like a destination of a trip we are taking, we know where we want to get to, but we can’t see all the details of the journey of getting there. Factors and outcomes are birthed in the process of the journey. We have the end goal in sight, but the process of getting there holds the curves, twists and turns of the journey. The process of the journey to get to our end result is where we build the character to carry the weight of the dream. For Joseph, it all started with some dreams, but it took the process of the problems along the way to develop in him the ability to carry the weight of responsibility that the dream required. With the problems you may face today, like Joseph, can you say, “God is working on my behalf to bring about a desired outcome that is for my good”. 

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