Is it really picture perfect?

So I’m going to be transparent in this post.  

Doing life in this day & age with the bombardment of social media, people are showing all the awesomeness of their lives. This makes for a challenge not to let root’s of envy and desire grow. Pictures of holiday’s, new cars or toys, fancy meals or weekend getaways, we tend to only see the highs of each others lives and begin to compare our own lives to them. The problem with this comparison, is that it is based as an outsider looking into a small glimpse of what the other person is revealing to you. You don’t see the whirlwind or the amount of takes it took to get that awesome shot of what their making their life seem to be everyday. This can easily breed envy inside our own hearts, with thoughts like “why isn’t my life turing out like that” or “why does it seem everyone else achieves their dreams but I’m not”. Envy and Jealousy are serious matters of the heart, which must be addressed. James 3:16 says For where jealousy & selfish ambition exist, there is disorder (unrest, rebellion) and every evil thing & morally degrading practise. YIKES this verse scares me when I think how easy it is to have envy & jealousy creep into my heart. I want to encourage you today that Gods grace is so much bigger than our sin, and His heart for us is to succeed in every area of our lives. I know I’m thankful for His grace. If you find envy or jealousy creeping into your heart, ask the Lord to help. Start with repentance and then do what Paul instructs the church in Philippi to do in Philippians 2:3 Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit (through fractional motives, or strife), but with (an attitude of) humility (being neither arrogant nor self-righteous), regard others as more important than yourselves. The truth is those pic’s of sheer awesomeness are just a small glimpse of a bigger picture… one which you just may not want to see.    

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