A Resolution to Deepen Your Roots

For he will be (nourished) like a tree planted by the waters, that spreads out its roots by the river… Jeremiah 17:8  

 As we head into the new year, we are passing from “what was” of the past year with all of its hopes, dreams, goals and plans and we’re headed ahead into the “what is”; the realities of what was, the accomplishments of what was, the success of what was, and the failures of what was. The new year is often a time where we have both the “what was” and the “what is” in our sights. As it is a time in which we often set a new and maybe even revive the old. But as we move forward with both in view, we need to deepen our roots in order to gain strength and stability for the year ahead. Roots help to bring stability against the winds of adversity, as well as finding a source of life during dry times. Putting our trust in truth is how we deepen our roots. Truth is constant and unchanging even when we are constantly changing. But blessed is the man who trust in the Lord, who's confidence is in Him. This is the truth, God is the only one we can trust our hopes, dreams, goals and plans too. Deepening our roots means to strengthen our relationship with God and allow Him to lead and guide us forward into the year ahead. He will  take both our successes and failures of the past and make them new. As you head into this new year, make one of your resolutions to deepen your roots with God, to learn His ways, to study His words and to build a relationship with Him through prayer and bible study. Trust God, as He will give you the stability when the winds of adversity begin to blow. Trust God, as He will give you the strength to stand against the winds of resistance and He will lead you forward this new year to where you are running without hinderance or restriction. No matter “what shall be” this coming year, give God your “what is” and your "what was” and watch the accomplishments you'll have this coming year.  

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